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Body Painting

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Fantasy Fest is the biggest event of the year. Taking place around the last 10 days of October. This year's event is from . Oct. 23-Nov.1.   The last day of the event falls on Sunday but all the parties are over after Saturday night. A lot of first timer's to Fantasy Fest think Saturday is the biggest and best day for getting body painting. It's not, Saturday is more about the parade. During this event you will see people every day in the thousands painted and dressed up every day, this is a 9 day event, not a one day event.
This event is an extremely busy time in the Tioti Studios.  If you are interested in getting body painted any of the days during Fantasy Fest you must make an appointment on-line in advance.  Space is limited during this event.  Please contact us as soon as possible with e-mail to or
Studio phone is for the artist in the studio, not for setting up appointments. Please do not try to reach us by phone to make advanced Fantasy Fest appointments.
Body art painting 

Contact us text. (305)394-1048 or or I. All information that you could provide us in your E-mail (i.e. styles, designs, photos, examples, ideas, dates, etc.)
Steps to set up an appointment for Fantasy Fest are as follows:
Send us an e-mail with.
1) The date (which day) you would your appointment set up on.
2) A description of the art design, (a photo is best) and how much of your body you would like this design painted on.
3) A photo of the person the painting will be done on. This helps Tioti decide what will work and what will not on different body types. The photo does not have to be a nude shot of you, a bikini will also work.

Studio hours during Fantasy Fest are from 12PM to 4AM, from Oct 23-29 From noon to 3AM on the 29th and nov 1st. closed on the  nov.2
YES I’m taking oppiontments for Zombieland
Zombieland opens at the historic and haunted Fort East Martello (3501 S. Roosevelt Blvd.) featuring live music, face and body painting, food and beverage vendors and more! If you haven’t yet registered for the ride, you can register at the Martello..

Contact Information

Michael Epperhart

224 Duval St, Key West, FL 33040, USA